• Bonfiglioli

    Bonfiglioli is a family run Italian company with an immense global presence. They design, manufacture, and distribute effective and tailored solutions for all kinds of applications in industrial, automation, mobile machinery, and wind energy. Bonfiglioli solutions affect all aspects of daily life from the food we consume to the roads we drive on.

  • Cone Drive

    Cone Drive is a world leader in precision motion control technology. They work with customers from design specifications to the final solution, so that they can create highly precise and specific products that keeps their customers technology at the forefront in their perspective industries.

  • Grove Gear

    Grove Gear manufactures standard and custom gear drives for industrial and specialty applications. Grove Gear’s product line is the most extensive line of gear reducers in North America and offers a solution for every power transmission need.

  • Sew Eurodrive

    Sew Eurodrive is a world leader in drive technology and a pioneer in drive based automation. Sew Eurodrive has an established reputation for quickly solving the most difficult power transmission and motion control challenges. They introduced the gearmotor in 1931, and in the 80 years since then they have been bringing the best in drive technology to their customers.

  • Stober

    Stober has over 80 years in gearing experience and over 30 years in motors. Stober has the knowledge and expertise to create the best gearboxes and motors in the industry. Their gear reducers are ready to handle tough environments, with an average mean time to failure of 8 years you can trust a Stober to stand up to harsh conditions.

  • Cleveland Gear

    Cleveland Gear has been producing open worm gearing and enclosed drives for over 100 years. Today, Cleveland Gear is recognized as the leader in gearing and enclosed gear drives. Providing solutions for a wide variety of critical industrial applications.