Precision Products offers a variety of quality services to manufacturing customers around the world

High Speed Balancing

High-speed rollers are an important facet of many manufacturing plants. Not only do improperly balanced rollers fail sooner, they cost you money and time to repair and the output of your facility suffers.  Precision Products offers high speed dynamic industrial balancing on a two different balancing machines to ensure the most accurate balancing possible. These balancing machines have built in diagnostics that not only analyze the current condition of the roller, but they also calculate a solution to balance your rollers at the desired operating speed. Our machines have the ability to rotate rollers up to 30,000 rpms (depending on their size).

Precision Products can balance your rollers in our facility or yours with our portable balancing equipment. Contact one of our experienced sales engineers today to find out how we can save you money, reduce your downtime and increase your production speeds or mean time between failures on your rotating rollers.

Consumer XRF Testing

Precision Products offers mobile XRF testing on products such as textiles, resins, fibers, consumer products, toys, jewelry, plastics and many other materials.

Over the last few years, one of the most common uses of X-Ray fluorescence testing devices is for testing toys and other consumer products for the presence of lead, antimony, chromium, cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals. Not only is XRF fast and safe, Precision uses the exact same device that is used by the Consumer Product Safety Council which is the Niton XL3t analyzer ensuring you the best possible data and accuracy.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act limits lead to 90ppm in paint or surface coatings as of August 14, 2009. Precision's XRF device is capable of testing metals, as well as, plastics to determine if they contain elements such as lead, arsenic or any other heavy metals. This is a very economical service and can be done at our facility or the customer's site depending on the size of the material to be tested. The XRF device is portable and is able to test large samples for fast and easy data generation. The output files are 100% court admissible and our staff of certified operators are trained and ready to assist you as needed.

Extruder Feed Throat Repair

Extrusion feed throats are subjected to more wear and tear than the rest of the extrusion line. Therefore, they tend to wear out faster than other similar parts. Often referred to as zone zero, the feed throat is an important part of the process.

Since every pellet of resin that supplies the line goes through this throat, it is critical to ensure optimum production off the entire line.

When feed throats become damaged and worn with significant scarring and corrosion, they are often left in poor condition due to the expense of repairing them. However, Precision Products is now offering complete rebuilding and resleeving of your worn out feed throat. Precision Products saves you money by offering quality repairs without the expense you incur by purchasing a new feed throat.

Gear Box Repair

 In addition to machining parts, we also offer service on power transmissions devices such as gearboxes. We service a wide range of gearboxes up to 750kW. Using our advanced metallurgical analysis tools, we test every shaft and gear to ensure any replacements we make will be of OEM quality and hardness. We offer replacement gears up to 102" diameter and can heat treat or carburize, as needed, to ensure long gear life.

Since we are a full service precision machining facility, we also address any other issues needed to restore your gear box to proper operation including shafts, bearings and housing repairs. Precision Products always uses SKF bearings and dual lip Viton seals when available. We also have access to other high-quality bearings such as NSK and Timken.

Industrial Metrology

Without precise measurement, precise parts are nonexistent. We maintain extensive calibration on all our measurement devices tracing them back to NIST standards. It is only with this rigorous calibration schedule as well as our ISO 9001 certification that allows us to be able to ensure to you that your parts are created exactly according to print.

Precision offers high-precision metrology for two coordinate measuring machines:

• Zeiss Contura - X=24 in. Y=36 in. Z=24 in.
• Brown and Sharpe Mistral CMM – X=30 in. Y=36 in. Z=24 in.

Laser Etching

Precision Products is now a one stop source for all of your Class 1 laser etching and marking needs. Laser etching is performed on a variety of products for a variety of reasons including part numbers, logos, identification, arrows for up and down, bar coding, QR codes, and informational content such as name, address, phone, website, and security ID numbers -- virtually anything that can be digitized into a vector file.

Your products can now be marketed with your identifying corporate logo or web address, and we can easily etch a QR code or web address that links to your re-order page to allow your customers to easily re-order your products.

Our FOBA laser works with a wide range of materials such as metals, plastics, coated metals, glass, granite, wood and acrylic. On coated metals such as anodized aluminum, the laser slightly discolors the anodizing which produces a nice color contrast to the base material without affecting the performance of the anodized surface.

Laser marking produces a very clear and easy to read marking that can easily be scanned when using barcode and QR code readers including smartphones. Our device can handle flat parts up to 14 inches x 15 inches with heights up to 13 inches. On round parts, we can rotate them and mark the entire circumference on parts up to 3.5 inch diameter.

Metallurgical Analysis

Precision Products has invested in sophisticated X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) equipment. With this device, we can now test virtually any metal or alloy in seconds to determine the exact content in a non-destructive way. This assures you that everything we supply to you is absolutely correct. This minimizes your risk and liability, and provides you with the assurance that each part works properly in its intended application.

The XRF Technology allows us to test the finished parts, as well as, the raw materials. Our rigorous ISO 9001 quality system has procedures that require us to maintain documentation for each part tested.

XRF Technology also offers certifiable metallurgical testing for you when you require testing of metals or plastics to determine if they contain heavy metals such as lead and arsenic. This is a very economical service and can be done at our facility or the customers depending on the size of the part to be tested.

The XRF device is portable and can be carried to your location, where applicable, to test large samples for fast and easy alloy identification. The device identifies over 350 standard alloys and gives the detailed elemental analysis of any alloy not in its database. The output files are 100% court admissible, and our staff of certified operators are trained and ready to assist you as needed.

Metering Pump Rebuilding

Precision Products has been directly involved with the extrusion industry since 1993. In addition to other extrusion parts, such as spinnerets, breaker plates, etc., we also offer refurbishing of precision gear driven metering pumps.

There are very few companies in the USA that can properly rebuild these ultra high-precision melt/metering pumps. Precision Products is a leader in the USA at providing this service throughout the extrusion industry, and we are certified under the rigorous ISO 9001 standard.

Not only do we offer rebuilds, we can also produce new, high precision gears for metering pumps. We offer full machining of plates and all other work required to get your extrusion line back in operation.

Precision Products offers complete rebuilding and replacement parts for extrusion metering pumps and metering pumps from companies such as Zenith, Barmag, Feinpruef, MVV, Mahr, Slack and Pharr, PSI, Neumag, Kawasaki and Farcon. We offer repairs on inline and planetary pumps from .10cc to over 900cc/rev.

UnObtanium Coating

Precision Products has been solving severe wear problems in manufacturing environments since 1993. We have created hard-coated parts throughout many industries such as mining, automotive, textile, food, medical and aerospace. Due to this wide range of experience, we know that every application is different, so we offer a wide range of coatings based upon your needs.

Some of the important factors that we use to decide the optimum coating for your application include:
• Type of abrasive material involved
• Conditions
• Temperature
• Speed
• And type of abrasion, erosion, friction, impact, corrosion, etc.

Since 2007, Precision Products has replaced hard chrome with a new product called UnObtanium. This material offers a much harder and more durable finish with 2 to 5x longer life in our tests.
• Physical Characteristics
• Coating Density 99.9% +
• Bond Strength 10,000 psi+
• Thickness up to .250 inch
• Hardness up to Rockwell 72c
• Melting Point >4800

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