Precision Products, Inc. performs reverse-engineering of parts for industrial machines. We examine the part and analyze it for any necessary improvements. Then, we manufacture the part to the highest quality standards and most exacting tolerances. As we continually invest in the latest technology to optimize our engineering, machining, and research and development processes, our mission remains to exceed all of your expectations!

CNC High Speed Hard Milling

We offer state-of-the-art, three-axis hard milling on two 42,000 rpm Swiss spindle Mikron milling machines. After heat-treating our parts, we perform the final milling to ensure the part remains true to the required dimensional tolerances!

Machine Capacities:

X=19.68 in.   Y=17.72 in.   Z=13.78 in.

Using the Mikron, we are able to machine hard-tool steels such as D2, M2, M4, S7, H13, A2 and many other hardened-tool steels.

CNC Lathes

We offer multiple Hyundai CNC lathes and Mazak CNC lathe with live tooling to produce the highest quality parts from our ISO 9001 certified process.

Machine Capabilities:

20 inch diameter maximum and up to 37 inches between centers
*We also offer conventional lathes with much larger capacities

CNC Milling

We offer a wide range of CNC milling services using the latest equipment from Mazak in our ISO 9001 certified facility! We work with a large variety of material in addition to metal including phenolic, hard plastics, urethane, nylon, Teflon, and exotic metals.

With CNC milling you can be assured that every part is identical – even if the years were made several years apart!

The CNC milling process is almost to produce 2D or 3D parts for all types of industries including textiles, aerospace, defense, automotive, plastic and rubber extrusion, and more.

Machine Capabilities:

X=41 in.    Y=20 in.   Z=24 in.

*All of our CNC milling machines are equipped with 4th-axis attachment and are capable of holding tolerances down to +/- .0003 inch.

CNC Multi Tasking Machines

Precision offers five-axis CNC machining on 2 state-of-the-art Mazak multi-tasking machining centers which offers all of the functionality of a horizontal and vertical milling machine along with a traditional CNC turning center built into one highly accurate CNC machine.

With a main spindle and a sub spindle, the Integrex can machine both sides of the part by handing off from one spindle to the other with zero loss of orientation.

Machine Capabilities:

• Mazak Integrex i200s = 25 inch swing, 41 inch between centers, and 15 inch max diameter
• Mazak Integrex i400s = 26 inch swing, 60 inch between centers, and 16 inch max diameter

EDM Machining & Current Drilling

Precision offers 4 Charmilles Wire EDM machines and one EDM current drilling machine (EDM Drill and EDM Hole Popper).

The wire EDM process can use wire diameters from .001 inch up to .012 inch to handle a wide range of applications. EDM also produces sharp corners and edges for demanding purposes.

A major advantage of wire EDM is the superior finish that is produced as it requires no de-burring to produce a very smooth and straight surface.

The EDM process also allows us to heat-treat parts before machining. This completely eliminates the movement that traditionally occurs after heat-treating as a source of part-dimensional variation.

Machine Capabilities:

• X=21.65 inch Y=13.78 inch Z=15.75 inch
• Tolerances of +/-.000080 (2 microns)

Laser Measuring & Extrusion Barrel Alignment

An investment in laser alignment benefits you by lowering replacement part costs, decreased downtime, less wear-and-tear on critical components, and low power consumption.

Extrusion barrel alignment is one of the most common uses of laser alignment due to the small tolerances that exist between a screw and extruder barrel.

Lasers represent the most accurate and fastest way to perform the alignment procedure with our device capable of measuring less than .001 inch deviation!

We also use our 2-axis laser alignment on our own CNC and conventional machining centers!

500,000 lb. H-Beam Press

Hydraulic presses are an important tool to any company that specializes in repairing and rebuilding equipment.

The depth of our new H-Beam hydraulic press is 20 inches, and the vertically adjustable beam allows a maximum throat height of 48 inches. With a rated capacity of 250 tons the new press at Precision Products is ready to help repair or rebuild your large project with ease!

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