Bolts and Fasteners


Wedge Anchors
|n|Drop In Anchors
|n|Sleeve Anchors
|n|Lag Shields
|n|Hammer Drive Anchors
|n|Hollow Wall Anchors
|n|L Anchors

Hex Cap Screws

Also available in stainless
|n|Hex Cap Screw Grade 8 Yellow Zinc
|n|Hex Cap Screw Grade 5 Zinc Plated
|n|Hex Cap Screw Stainless Steel
|n|Hex Cap Screw A307 Hot Dip Galvanized
|n|Hex Cap Screw A325 Hot Dip Galvanized
|n|Hex Cap Screw Metric
|n|Square Head Bolts
|n|12 Point Counterbore Screws

Locking Nuts

Also available in stainless
|n|Nylon Insert Lock Nuts
|n|Nylon Insert Lock Jam Nuts
|n|Nylon Insert Lock Grade 8 Nuts
|n|All Metal Lock Nut
|n|All Metal Flanged Lock Nut N
|n|Flexlock Lock Nuts
|n|Kept Lock Nuts|n|


Also available in stainless
|n|2H Heavy Hex Nuts
|n|Castle Nuts
|n|Coupling Nuts
|n|Metric Nuts
|n|Finished Hex Nuts Grade 5
|n|Finished Hex Nuts Grade 8
|n|Finished Hex Jam Nuts
|n|Serrated Flanged Nuts
|n|Hex Machine Screw Nuts
|n|Left Hand Nuts
|n|Left Hand Jam Nuts
|n|Square Nuts
|n|Wing Nuts|n|

Self-Tapping and Self-Drilling

Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling Hex Washer Head Self Tapping
|n|Hex Washer Tapcon Concrete
|n|HWH with Neoprene Self-Drilling
|n|Hex Lag Screws
|n|Trailer Flooring Screws
|n|Pole Barn Screws
|n|Drywall Screws
|n|Self-Drilling drywall Screws
|n|Mod Truss Self Drilling and Tapping
|n| Phillips Pan Framing Screws
|n|Flat Phillips Drilling with Reamer
|n|Square Trim Drywall Screw
|n|Pan Phillips Self Drilling|n|

Socket Products

Also available in stainless
|n|Socket Head Cap Screws
|n|Metric Socket Cap Screws
|n|Socket Button Head Cap Screws
|n|Flat Socket Cap Screws
|n|Metric Socket Products
|n|Socket Head Cap Screw Low Head
|n|Socket Set Screws
|n|Socket Shoulder Bolt
|n|Socket Pipe Plugs


Also available in stainless
|n|F436 Hardened Flat Washers
|n|Alloy Split Lock Washers
|n|Bonded Sealing Neo Washers
|n|Double Thick Flat Washers
|n|Fender Washers
|n|USS Flat Washers
|n|SAE Flat Washers
HI Collar Lock Washers
|n|Internal and External Lock Washers